Satya Yoga Leggings – Matrix Mocca


The Satya yoga legging with print is a high waist yoga legging made from dry-fit fabric. This makes the yoga legging perfect for active yoga forms. The printed legging is squat-proof, which is also super nice for a work-out at the gym.

Urban Goddess Yoga Wear for Women Fabric bamboo, cotton, elastane
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Satya Yoga Leggings – Matrix Mocca

Satya yoga leggings with print – Matrix Mocca

The Satya yoga legging with print is the ideal yoga legging for active yoga forms. The high waist yoga leggings are squat-proof. So you don’t have to worry about your leggings being see through during your forward bends. Because of the high waistband, the printed yoga legging stays in place and accentuates your figure nicely. This band also gives extra support to your lower back and abdomen.

High waist yoga leggings made of sustainable bamboo

The printed yoga leggings are made of a fabric mix of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo is naturally dry-fit and antibacterial. This makes the soft yoga leggings feel cool on your skin even when you are sweating. So the Satya leggings are the perfect active wear option. For a power yoga class, for example.

Adjustable yoga leggings

The Satya yoga legging is extra long at the legs. This allows you to adjust it to your own preference. Pull the ends over your feet for extra warmth during your yoga practice. Or roll up the legs for a playful look. Combine the printed yoga leggings with a nice longsleeve yoga top and shine during your next yoga class!

Meaning of Satya

Satya is a Sanskrit word which best translates to a combination of honesty, purity and immutability. By being honest with yourself and the world, you can apply Satya to your life. In yoga, you can apply Satya by being honest to your needs at that moment. Where are your limits physically and mentally, and to what extent do you listen to them?

About Urban Goddess Yoga Clothing

We use only certified organic cotton for our Urban Goddess yoga wear. This also applies to the Satya yoga leggings with print. And that’s why you get all the benefits of the natural breathable fabrics while we ensure a better environment and happy and healthy Urban Goddess employees.
We know how annoying it is to have an itchy or irritating label in your clothing, especially during your yoga practice. That’s why we have no labels and our Satya yoga leggings have a carelabel stamp.
XS (34/36)
S (36/38)
M (38/40)
L (40/42)
XL (42/44)
XXL (44/46)
Model is 1.70m and is wearing the Satya yoga leggings with print in size S.
Colour: Matrix Mocca. Check out the Satya printed leggings in Urban Black. Or explore all of our yoga leggings.
Material: 64% bamboo, 24% organic cotton, 12% lycra
Be kind to your Urban Goddess yoga apparel and it will be kind to you too:
  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • Wash together with the same colours
  • Do not tumble dry
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